Several Repair Issues raised by Repair Shop

Timing belt and motor mount both should be fixed NOW. Both important, if only one can be done - do t belt first.

Continuing to consider what to do…a previous commenter suggested a transmission fluid change is probably in order.

After doing some looking around, it seems this vintage Honda Odyssey is prone to transmission trouble once you get post 100K miles. I’ve seen report after report of these transmissions crapping out at about the 140K mile mark.

I think I’m going to take it in to have the transmission check out - with fluid change - before signing on to have the other work done. If there are indications of likely transmission issues, I probably will cut bait.

Is there anything the transmission shop can specifically look for that might indicate problems if there isn’t slipping or other obvious signs from the driver’s standpoint at this point?

And if the transmission checks out, I do think I’ve decided to do TB, motor mount, front sway bar links, and AC on the first run through the shop.