Services NOT rendered

About a year ago I went to a mechanic to have my A/C checked out. He said I needed a new compressor, among other things. Afterward the A/C worked great for a few months then began not to cool. I took it back and I believe he said I needed a thermal regulator (or something to that effect). I went ahead and had someone else check it out and the 2nd mechanic told (and showed) me the compressor was never replaced. I have the original receipt and copy of the check. What recourse do I have? Do I have to allow him to fix it properly or can I get my money back? I dont want him touching my car again, mainly because I had my clutch done with him also and it took him 3 times to get it right.

I’d start by having this second mechanic document everything he sees and give it to you in writing, then take that back to the first guy and ask what the deal is. If he’s not willing to cooperate, mentioning small claims court could change his mind.

Obviously never use the first mechanic again. Needing three tries just to replace a clutch tells me he shouldn’t be in the car business.

You might clarify the time line on this. It sounds a bit odd to me.
The compressor was replaced a year ago, worked great for a few(?) months, then began to fail, followed by your having someone else look at it after the thermal switch, etc.
Are you saying a full year has elapsed since the compressor was never replaced?

On what basis does Mech. 2 base his claim the compressor was never replaced?
Exactly what did he show you to prove this?

Close to a year ago I had the a/c service. About 4 months later the problems started. I took the car back to mechanic #1 who said I needed the thermal switch but did not perform the service. By this time I did not use the a/c much due to the cooler weather. I was not using the car again until recently. I decided to have mechanic #2 look at it, thinking it was something minor. He said I needed a compressor. When I told him I had a new one put in he showed me the compressor and said it was very old and definately had not been replaced in the last year. He said the only thing replaced was some sort of fixture which resembled a nut. There was a very obvious difference between the condition of that part and the compressor. I was specifically charged for a new compressor.

Were you specifically charged for a NEW unit or was it perhaps a rebuilt one? Check the price against a new unit. Also, just because this second guy says it is not new doesn’t mean he is right. I understand there is a shiny new part and an old looking case but how did it look after the work? Surely you opened the hood and looked at what was done right?

Funny story- I sold a house. A month beforehand, I had the roof replaced. Stripped and re-shingled with 50 year shingles. The buyer’s inspector told them the roof was in need of replacement! Now how could he make such a serious mistake in his assessment? Reason I mention it is, not to put TOO much stock in the second guy’s opinion without additional investigation. He wants to sell you services as much as the first guy and may say anything to get that business. Trust, but verify…