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Service vehicle soon display and enhanced code scanner

2000 SS the driver information light displays a service vehicle soon indication most of the drive times. An generic scan tool finds no DTC codes and the shop manual states this indicator is illuminated by a non emission related fault coming through the Power Train Control system. The shop manual is not specific as to what system is sending the request for the indicator. It does not seem to effect drivability. I have a AC clutch bearing that is noisy and the book hints that the AC clutch circuit runs through the PCM to control compressor during full throttle runs Any ideas and/or thoughts on the PC based OBD II scanners running with the manufactures enhanced code data base and sensor addresses?

In a recent thread several people spoke highly of AutoEnginuity (

You’re at about $500 by the time you have enhanced manufacturer coverage (and even that would only get you to one manufacturer), but the base scanner at $250 would probably get you what you need.

I actually just ordered an OBDlink from I found the pricing easier to swallow and its still updateable and expandable. (Same thing for enhanced manufacturer coverage - those are just expensive). I also found several very positive reviews of it.

You AC circuit will run through the PCM.

The vehicle information center displays a Service Vehicle Soon warning if there’s something as simple as a rear license plate bulb out or it’s time for an oil change. This is not emissions related.

A Service Engine Soon warning light is emissions related, and if that light isn’t on, that’s why there are no codes stored.


I’m happy with the AutoEnginuity with the Ford specific coverage.