2000 Maxima "Service Engine Soon"


Has anyone had problems with the “Service Engine Soon” warning light in a Maxima? I have a 2000 Maxima, and this light continues to pop on from time to time. My mechanic has put the car on his computer and can find nothing wrong. Am I driving at risk?


[b]I can only relate to what I’ve expierienced over the years.

Anytime I’ve hooked up a scanner up to a vehicle that had a Check Engine light on, and scanner could find no codes, or the scanner displays “Vehicle Not Responding” prompt, it meant that the computer was defective.

If this is the problem, the computer in your vehicle is warranted for 8 years/80,000 miles. So the dealer would have to install a new one for free.



I have the same car and my Service Engine Soon light just came on. I had it diagnosed as an ignition coil problem which is a common issue on the 2000. It is a fairly expensive ($1200) repair if done all at once (6 coils), however I am told the labor involved makes it most efficient efficient to do at least 3 at a time.

I have read posts (maxima.org) from people experiencing the same problem and they have said that there is some issue if the car comes from California related to their higher emissions standards. Hope that helps a little.


Is this a Service Engine Light or a Check Engine Light ?

Not all cars have both or either. There is a big difference in their function.


Just one more thought… If no codes show up from a generic scanner, the computer might still be storing one or more of Nissan’s proprietary codes. Most(?) manufacurers have trouble codes above and beyond the minimum OBDII requirements. They can only be read by the manufacturer’s instruments. Have you consulted Nissan?