Service questions on a 2007 Bentley Continental Flying Spur


I have a 2007 Bentley Continental Flying Spur with 50,000 miles on the odometer. I have read the service
manual but wonder what is really necessary to replace fluid wise. Have changed the antifreeze and all oil changes but wonder if I should replace the brake or power steering fluid due to its age. The batteries are original VW batteries from 2006 but still register very good. can I wait until I reach 100,000 miles to change these
and the spark plugs or is it really important to due this service now, Normal use is one or two thousand miles a year and I do not speed in it, Really at a loss, and could use a little advice.


I would replace the brake fluid. It’s probably one of the most ignored fluids in the car. Considering it’s hygroscopic and absorbs water that enters into the system and your car is 11 years old…go ahead and do it. Might as well do the power steering too (your manual might tell if it has an age requirement as well as a mileage requirement) while you’re in there. As far as the spark plugs go, again, check your owners manual. It’ll tell you how often you should change the spark plugs.


If this is a serious question, then yes, do it all. You want to be 100% on top of all maintenance of this crazy-complicated, crazy-expensive to own car. All fluids and new batteries, do the plugs too, it’s been over ten years, right? Plus anything else recommended in the owners manual.


So you want to wait at least 25 years to do what would be called normal maintenance . I am like Texases , is this really a serious post.


From the horses mouth.



Hi Edward,

You can eat next Monday and Tuesday, but I won’t feed you Wednesday or Thursday. However I will expect you to perform properly on Friday. Does that sound reasonable to you?

Yes, of course you should do all the required maintenance as required by the shop manual and you should replace the batteries.


Honestly, if you are the type to even think about skipping maintenance to save money, whether it’s because you can’t afford it or just because you’re cheap, you should not even consider owning a Bentley.


The “horses mouth” link shows frequent diesel exhaust fluid maintenance, spark plugs every 35,000 miles, clutch and manual transmission maintenance and timing belt replacement. The maintenance listed is generic and can apply to many cars but not this one. Go by the maintenance schedule that came with the car.