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Serpentitne(sp?) Belt question/GM 3.1 FWD

I had to redo a 96 Pontiac with a 3.1 engine. The cam shaft broke and of course scored the bearing surfaces. The crankshaft bearings also scored as well as the shaft. Found a 3.1 out of a ?95 Buick Regal and was able to salvage the block but had to rebore the cam for oversized bearings which we accomplisshed and rebuilt the engine. The heads from the original Pontiac were usable and the rest of the original oilpan , timing belt cover were all reused and properly fit. Now as we went to install a new serpintine belt the original Pontiac called for a 68.5 and would not fit being too short. The Buick Regal called for a 69.5 and it barely fits. The tensioner is pulled as far as it can go and I wonder if the belt might disrupt since there is no allowance for play. Anyone know why the length disparity from one vehicle engine to the other where we do not seen any observable difference in design?

Thank You

Sorry. But I have to ask. Is the belt routed correctly?


Tester: Yes it is according to the schematic and there is no way but to get it anywhere but near. Question is really why is there a 1 inch difference in length bet the Pontiac and Regal which has the exact same block, mounts and accessories, timing chain cover and same harmonic balancer, etc, etc. could there be a micro difference in the tensioner?