Serpentine drive belts

i had my belts replaced and after 2 weeks they started to squeal again when i started the car and when the rpms dropped suddenly like while im braking. what could cause this.

Depending on the setup your car uses it could be something like a weak tensioner that needs to be replaced.

One of the pulleys on the components (A/C, waterpump, powersteering, etc…) could have a worn bearing that is causing the the belt to drag.

You could also have a failing bearing on a belt-driven component. If it binds up the belt might go pop. You’d be wise to have this checked out.

Agree; this is a classic case of one of the accessories failing. We had the A/C compressor on our Ford fail, and it caused so much drag that the car was hard to start, inspite of a new battery an good starter.

Check out all the driven equipment as well as the tensioner.

ok after taking the belts off and checking all the pullies i found out that its the water pump has shaft play. water pump is $40 but with having to take the timing belt off i think i should leave thid job to a shop.