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Serpentine Belt

My 2007 Ford Focus broke down today. From what I can see and find online with my limited knowledge, it looks like the serpentine belt broke. Would this cause loss of power steering, rise in oil temperature and my check battery light to come on?

If so, what would an estimate on the bill be?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I’m new to learning about fixing cars and trying to increase my knowledge.


A broken serpentine belt can cause those problems.

It drives the power steering pump, can drive the water pump, and drives the alternator.

Look at about $150.00 to replace it.



“Would this cause loss of power steering, rise in oil temperature and my check battery light to come on?”


Provided only the belt broke, and the tensioner is okay, this should be a very reasonably priced repair.

The belt itself should cost less than $100, maybe closer to $50, if you buy it and install it yourself. Gates is a good manufacturer of belts, IMO

Have you visually verified the belt is in fact shredded, torn, and/or missing . . . ?

I would make sure none of the belt driven accessories . . . especially the ac compressor . . . have seized, as this can throw the belt, and/or damage it

Since you’re trying to increase your knowledge, this is the perfect way to begin, IMO

Yes, yes, yes, and it depends. If you have the car towed to a shop, there is a fee unless your auto insurance covers it. The belt is about $25 and it would take a few minutes to install it. The the labor cost depends on what the minimum labor charge is. I would guess it should cost less than $100 for parts and labor.

+1 to all of the preceding comments.

I just hope and pray that the OP shut-down his/her engine before it overheated.
If the engine overheated, then the potential repair costs could be…substantial.

+2 for all.

Agree with above. I would think it is not the oil but rather the water/coolant temperature that has gone up due to the water pump not working. The bill would be significantly higher if you let the engine overheat.

I’m in agreement with galant about the temperature aspect of this.

If you’re lucky a belt and tensioner may fix it.

If the engine was severely overheated then you may be looking at a head gasket or even another engine; all depending.
Assuming the engine runs fine after a belt replacement it would be a good idea to monitor coolant and oil consumption even if there is no ominous cloud of smoke behind the car.

As stated before the belt is around $25.00 . There is a couple u-tube videos on serpentine belt replacement on a Ford Focus if you’re interested in trying it yourself .

When replacing a broken belt, make sure all the accessory pulley’s involved in the belt-routing-scheme turn freely before doing the belt replacement. If something has bound up for some reason, it could seize again and break the replacement belt.

If you keep driving after you throw the belt, the overheating fron the water pump not turning can thin the oil to the point that the oil light will come on.

Yep all the above. I’ve paid about $40 to have them installed or done it myself depending on the difficulty. Normally the belts are about $35 for me but I did pay $70 for an Acura belt at the dealer. I asked if it had some precious metal compound in it but they didn’t see the humor in it.