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Serpentine Belt


Stupid question. What is the approx. recommended Mile/Kmtr to change the serpentine belt on 2004 Saturn VUE,



Five years/50,000 miles on a serpentine belt is pushing it.


Gates belts says 100,000 miles. You can access their website by putting gates belts into google.
If you have an owners manual go by the information in there.

100,000 miles for the TIMING BELT.

He asked about the SERPENTINE BELT. Tester is right, 5 years or 50,000.

I’m sure 50K is correct but I change mine out around the 30K mark.

When you change it toss the old one in the trunk, one dark rainy and cold night you might need it.

Thanks to all who responded. Better get this done right away, I still have the original one installed at 60,00 miles, and 6 years.

Thanks galant, I will keep the old one in the trunk…great idea,


You may want to practice replacement and get a feel for pivot points and tools needed, all while it is light out.I have seen serpentine belt routing stump more than one person.

I change mine when they obviously need it. About 85k miles on the first one, 35k on the next one. I changed it because it wouldn quit squeeling.