Serpentine Belt

Hi All - My Serpentine belt was making a LOUD sqeeking sound so my husband went bought another one, brought it home, thought he saw how it came off so he could put the new one on and low and behold now doesnt know how to put it back on… I have a very important Dr appoint in the morning and need the belt put on… please can someone give me child like directions on how to put it back on… I would be so grateful… Thank you so much!

Look closely on the underside of the hood, the radiator support, all over the engine compartment. Sometimes there’s a placard that shows the serpentine belt routing.


Take a cab.

As Tester said, there should be a belt routing diagram under the hood someplace. If you don’t find it there you can try using Autozone’s website - just register, plug in your car’s info and look around in the section of “Repair Information”

These things can often also be found just by general internet searches. You’re looking for a belt “routing diagram.”

one of the pulley wheels once loosened, can be moved inward to fit belt on then once belt is on you move wheel out till belt is tight then tighten

I’d imagine that this has an automatic tensioner - I doubt that this question was about belt tension.

Use an internet search and look for instructions to change the belt. Or buy a Haynes manual at the local parts store.

Beyond just knowing the correct routing, it’s important to know the correct procedure. In my Scion tC, for example, the nut to push back the tensioner needs to be turned exactly the opposite way that a visual look would seem to indicate. Trying to do the “obvious” would break the tensioner nut off and then one would really be screwed. I most cars today, especially transversely mounted engines, visability is often insufficient to be able to “see” the correct protocol.

And the instructions provide helpful clues, like to remove the wheel and the fender skirt for access to the pulleys.