Serp belt squeak

My serp belt squeaks due to contamination due to timing cover leak. I removed belt and cleaned it with mild degreaser solution and it was quiet for 1 day. If I had 100% water in cooling system, would any more leakage cause a belt squeak? I am putting off fixing timing cover gasket since it is a 5hr job. Coolant is @ 90% water concentration now.

Why did you not simply put a new belt on?
Serp belts are made by laminating rubber and woven fiber (cloth) together under heat and pressure. Cloth absorbs. Once the timing belt becomes contaminated with oil, trying to get it back out is folly.

I have not fixed coolant leak. What would I gain by putting on new belt? Once it is wet with coolant

If you had invested in the correct overall repair…including a new serp belt…You’d be done already.
In the mean time just keep doing what you’re doing untill a new belt makes sense.

How is coolant coming out of the timing cover?

Insightful, I assume it’s a car with the water pump driven by the timing belt. The coolant is coming from the pump.

OP, if my guess above is right, you need to do the whole job. If you don’t replace the pump, you’re headed for much bigger problems. The coolant will be coming out the front shaft seal on the pump, and that can suddenly fail catastrophically, and that will not be pretty… or cheap.

Taurus 3.0 Vulcan motor.

Changed gasket today. Got a rough idle at startup. No codes. I drove it 30miles and during trip I got a misfire flashing icon. Idles rough, like 1 cyl is not firing. Drove perfect before repair. Hmmm. Of course I left code reader behind. Don’t have it now. I did remove balancer and crank sensor for job. Do I need to do any crank position adapt process?

I your pump is driven by the timing belt, you may have allowed the timing marks to slip one tooth when you installed the pump.

Did you check the marks after you bolted everything down.


I did find 1 loose plug wire on front of motor. I unhooked battery. Cel is off now. But motor still runs rough