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Sentra O2 Trouble

I need to get my car inspected - 2001 Nissan Sentra. Check engine light is on. Code is P0057 - O2 Sensor Bank. This part was replaced 15 months ago, and the check engine light has come on intermittently ever since. My mechanic cleared the code this morning - I hope I can get 30 miles or so on it and get it inspected before the light comes back on.

Any thoughts about what else to try?

Did you get the replacement sensor from Nissan or aftermarket?

did your mechanic test the sensor he replaced, or just toss the part at it? It may not have been the actual problem.

@kdixon even if the check engine light is off, I imagine the inspector will connect to your car’s DLC. If he sees that several monitors are incomplete (because your mechanic cleared the code), he’ll know exactly what you did and tell you to take a hike. And rightfully so, I might add. Inspectors are wise to these tactics.