Sentra head gasket issues?

are these cars known for blowing head gasketes

Please tell us what model year Sentra you’re asking about?

And what engine?

Are you thinking of buying a used Sentra?

Or do you own a Sentra, and you suspect you have a blown head gasket?

Yes they do.

Consumer Reports April 2018 says Engine Major reliability is much better than average for all the model years reported (2010-2017) of Sentra.

Still, any car can suffer a failed head gasket, especially if it has been run while low on coolant or otherwise abused.

Don’t buy a 2001-2005 Sentra because of faulty head gaskets they used. Stay away from them

same for 2013+ Sentras: they have CVT in them…
really, I had one failed at 42K miles when lightly used, is full of CVT failures stories for their 3rd generation CVTs

Yes greendrag0n’s info is consistent with the CR data, showing 2013 much worse than average for Trans Major and Trans Minor reliability. 2013 was the first year of a redesign of the Sentra. 2010-1012 data show average or better for the trans. 2014-2016 also better than the bad year of 2013.

I haven’t read much good about the Sentra in CR or the enthusiast magazines in recent years. It’d be on my do-not-buy list, if I had one. Lots of better cars out there.