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Puzzler for 6/28/09

Was in my car today listening to CarTalk. Heard this week’s puzzler, but couldn’t write it down while driving. Can anyone help me out and give me the 5 words given as clues. I think it was bugle, unrest, grotto, then I draw a blank. Thanks. (I’m brand new to the website)

It was “bugles, unrest, grotto, a word I forgot, and esteem”

note bugles, not bugle. Sorry I couldn’t remember the other word. Hopefully someone will post it. I found this one easy but I won’t spoil it for you.


"[i]What Comes Next?

RAY: This was submitted by Alison Bodkey and it’s very brief. Here are five words. What would the sixth word in the series be?

Esteem [/i]____________________________________________________________________________

Don’t worry about spoiling it for me. It took me about 7 seconds.
The brain storm hit immediately.


Thanks. Yeah, I got it right away, so it must have been easy!

Thanks…storm hit suddenly for me, too!