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Semi-unlocking door

we have a 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager. The driver side passenger door won’t open from the inside when the doors are automatically unlocked from the front. SOMETIMES it will when it is unlocked manually from the inside. We have checked and the child lock isn’t on. Is it something we could fix ourselves? My husband just saved us a couple hundred dollars replacing the motor on the front pass. window. Would it be harder than that and would it take special tools and how many cases of beer?

If it won’t unlock with the door switch but ‘sometimes’ opens manually, I’d say there is a linkage problem.

If it were the lock actuator acting up, I’d say there may be a frayed/damaged wire between the switch and the actuator.

Either way, you’ll have to remove the door panel (Watch the connections as you did on the drivers door) to investigate the fault.

From your post I’d say you already have the tools needed, but I would stay clear of the beer until such time you can celebrate a successful repair.