Selling Car to Out-of-State Buyer

I’m in Illinois, selling my car. Buyer is in California.

The buyer will hire a transport service to have the car shipped cross-country.

My main problem is this: How do we handle the sale of the vehicle since we won’t be meeting face-to-face? I have drafted a bill of sale before with the standard “as is, no warranties expressed or implied” stuff, but what else do I need for my protection? Can the bill of sale be faxed and both parties sign it?

What is the secure way of handling payment?

Sale of car is between 2 private parties.

have them send you a certified check via overnight express, when check clears send them the bill of sale with your signature. and signed title with date of sale and amount with the correct mileage. also give the the transport the bill of sale with all buyers info. get them both notorized. that should cover you.

Well, having shopped for used cars in CA I can see someone buying one from IL almost blindly. Having said that you have two concerns. First you want any liability for that vehicle taken off your name. Some states will want your license plate back, check with IL DMV website and see what you should do. Second even cashier checks can be fake nowadays. They are not asking you to pay any difference back, are they? Just make sure the check is issued by a major bank and call and verify with the issuing branch.

In AZ both the seller and buyer must sign the title in the presence of a Notary