1997 Mercedes E320

I am looking for some input as to wether or not I should purchase a 1997 E320 w/127,000 miles and in pretty good shape for $1,800. One meticulous owner w/all service records. Some body rust on driver door. Overall not too bad. I know (or think) Mercedes is a work horse. What do you think?

If you’ve confirmed that all needed service (especially oil changes) have been done, it’s hard to go wrong at $1800 if it runs well. Just know that any major future repairs may exceed the cost of the car. Do you have a reliable independent shop you will use? The dealer will be very expensive.

That price is better than trade-in for a car in rough condition. It leaves you about $3000 to repair any problems before it exceeds market value for a good one. And this one may be a good one. First you need to borrow it and have it inspected by a mechanic that knows the E320. After you get the report back, you will know whether it is a good deal. There will probably be a few must-repair items, but there also might be several nice-to-have-done items, too.

Like others stated take it for a visit to a MB independent mechanic for checkover. Price is excellent.

Be prepared for higher than normal repair bills as MB parts are pricey.

The seller is a friend of mine and I know the mechanic he has used. He is having one item checked out this week when he gets the oil changed (does this every 3-5,000 miles since owning the car). The water pump, struts and bushings have been replaced. 2 sets of very new tires. 4 snows/4 all season. I really don’t need another car but would consider selling my '97 Civic w/the same miles on it to drive this one.

Thanks for your input. Looking to upgrade from my '97 Civic without buying a problem

hmmm…now I’m questioning your motives…you will not get the kind of reliability out of the E320 that you’re getting out of the Civic, it’s a bigger, heavier car, not as fun to drive as a Civic, and only you can decide whether the driving experience is worth the poorer milage and higher repair bills.

Thanks again. When i test drove the benz it felt like so much more car than the civic, which it is. I also drive a mini and that is loads of fun. You mentioned reliability and that is the kind of info i am looking for. I really don’t need to sell the civic but thought it would be nice to drive a luxury car but really dont need luxury headaches.

Fun to drive and Civic do not belong in the same sentence 1992-present. I have driven them all.

OK, that’s different, you have a Mini for fun/economy. I don’t thing there’s much to lose by trading (in effect) the Civic for the E320. I’d do it.