Sell or repair transmission?

I have a 99 Odyssey with 140k and a blown trani (and brakes - and timing belt in the near future)… I trust my mechanic and he says its $4500 over the next 6months or so. That is roughly what it is worth. Carmax will give me $1200 for it today. Do I fix it or repair it and keep going?

I meant - ‘sell it or repair it and keep going’? thanks

Brakes and a timing belt are normal maintenance, not repairs. Your Odyssey would need these items even if the transmission had not blown. Would you spend the money for these items if you didn’t need a tranny?

We know nothing about the overall condition of the vehicle, so it’s very hard to advise you. If you’ve kept up with the required maintenance and the vehicle is in good shape overall it might be worth installing another transmission.

If you’ve ignored things until they broke it could be a different story. What’s your inclination at this point?

We are just torn. Overall condition is good - we have been pretty hard on it with 2 young boys and lots of road trips but it has held up well and all regular maintenance has been done. Cosmetically its not the best but mechanically I feel like its a good car. The electrical system has been acting up a little - power doors not latching properly, ignition switch not requiring ‘park’ to remove the key - both of these are recalls that the vehicle had done years back but are now my problem. Its just hard to spend the money not knowing if we are going to have other issues in the near future. On the otherhand, we could buy something and have issues right off the bat. We have been offered a great condition and maintained 01 Expedition with 103k for $5000 (my buddy’s payoff)… Is that a good solution?

HA HA - my buddy just emailed and said the check engine light came on his Expedition and he is going to get it checked out!! So bigger question is do I hope for something better and wait (I have time) or go ahead and dance withe the one who brung me (bad teeth and all!)…

Blown tranny’s in early 2000’s Honda’s and especially Ody are very common despite Honda’s golden name sadly.

Personally I would move on, 10 years is a good amount of life span but on the low side. You are looking at dumping $6000+ into a 10 year old vehicle. I would take the $1200(trade)+$6000 and buy something more recent and decent condition with your trusted mechanics check before purchase. Happy car hunting.