Sell or Repair 2010 Honda Pistons

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour with 125K miles, pistons need to be replaced for a discounted price of ~3500K. In 40k miles I’ve replaced 3 head cover gasket, 2 alternators, 15 spark plugs, 2 ignition coils, cam bore o rings, VVT (Variable Valve Timing) solenoid, an oil sensor. These repairs were between three businesses as I broke down in FL at one point, ultimately for the third gasket cover I enlisted the help of a Honda dealer who is now quoting the piston replacement. I am disappointed the dealer didn’t catch the pistons during the gasket cover/cam bore replacement in May and My husband says I should ask for an entirely new motor for the same cost of piston replacement. Should I sell it, or fix it? I was planning on selling it next year anyways, but who could I even sell this busted vehicle to?

Why do they say the engine needs new pistons?


The oil is burning up, causing me to run out of oil.

Can you clarify “run out of oil” for us?
If this engine has been repeatedly run very low on oil, it likely needs more internal repairs than “just” pistons.

If you are actually running out of oil you have done major damage to the engine so just new pistons will be a waste of money … For that price they must be doing more than just pistons . I think a second opinion by an independent garage is needed. With all your other problems I would just bail on this vehicle .


Ill do my best, in May they fixed the leaks with the cam bore plug replacement and head cover gaskets stating that should prevent oil loss. Last week the honda check engine light came on, we stopped at a gas station to discover very low oil and then filled her back up, the next day the check engine light was off.

How many quarts of oil did they add?
Was the oil dipstick ever checked between May and late September?

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When we stopped this week we added 2 containers, I believe they were the 30oz containers so about 2.5 quarts. Didn’t check the dipstick in 4 months.

It sounds to me like you’ve been throwing a lot of parts (and money) at this car. What exactly is the problem that you’re trying to solve?

It would be very unusual to replace the pistons in a 11 year old Honda engine. If it’s already burning that much oil, I doubt the engine (or even the car) has much life left in it at this point.


You need to check it at least every fill up or more often if you have to add oil.


Unfortunately, as the level of oil in the crankcase kept dropping over that 4 month period, excess wear on the engine took place, and then that engine wear accelerated because the engine had to rely on less and less oil for its lubrication.


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Can’t wait to bail on this vehicle! All I have to do now is drive around with extra oil on hand until we finalize the home deal, oh and maybe win the lotto!? Aside from the engine issue this vehicle should sell for about 8-9K, any tips on reselling this vehicle?

In that case, over those four months, you saved yourself 20 minutes of time and likely cost yourself $3,500. Whether you get a new engine or a new car, I suggest that you check the oil properly from now on.


Believe, there was no time saved.

Don’t count on it . And the silly web will have plenty of articles on ( how do I sell my vehicle ) so you can find what will suit you.

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126 complaints for excessive oil consumption for the 2010 Accord on

The cost of the repair would be no different, nearly 30 hours of labor involved to replace the pistons to correct the oil consumption problem.

More than complaints it turns out, a class action lawsuit

Man, I am getting another Chevy after this.

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The advice I have always gotten from old mechanics is to never open up and repair a high mileage engine. Either replace the engine or dump the car at this point. Others will disagree. You were going to get rid of it in a year anyway so your time line was just moved up a little.

If they refurbished the valves (which they should have done) when they replaced the head gaskets, that could have caused an additional problem with the oil consumption.

The cylinder heads were never removed, head gaskets were not replaced. The oil leaks were repaired (cylinder head cover gaskets). It is standard procedure to repair the oil leaks before starting an oil consumption test.


Where do you live that they sell oil in 30 ounce containers and 60 ounces equals 2 1/2 quarts?