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Sell or keep

here the deal i have a 1998 ford taurus,with a 113,000 miles.the transmissin leaking,tranny slipping,need ball joint,need rack and pinion,and power steering making noise.keep or trade.

That seems like a lot of serious (expensive) issues for a '98 with 113k. IMHO, dump it and move on.

You’ve got several very expensive items to repair and/or replace. If you were a very experienced mechanic you could do some of these things yourself, but to have the work done by a garage is going to be close to the value of the car.

A leaking transmission could be just a pan gasket, or a major problem it depends on where the fluid is coming from. Slipping can be a few bands out of adjustment, or a complete rebuilt. Power steering can make noise because it needs fluid which is probably leaking out of the rack, or the whole power steering pump could be shot. Ball joints are not that big a deal on their own, but if other parts of the suspension are also worn then you get into more money.

I don’t think you have enough detailed information yet on exactly what your car needs. If it needs a new rack, new or rebuilt transmission, new or rebuilt power steering pump you may be better off selling it. Another option is used parts from salvaged cars which are less than new or rebuilt parts.

How much would you be able to spend on a new(er) car ? Get an estimate to fix your current car, then weigh that against the cost of a replacement and go from there.

Trade, - FAST!