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Seized wheel cylinder?

2001 Mitsu Ecliplse:

My right tire seized up–in drive-thru of all places–actually not a bad place I guess…anyway, the right tire didn’t seem to move and you could hear the tire screeching as it dragged along. I pulled over and then went forward then reverse 2-3 times and that seemed to fix it and I was able to drive home.

At home after a hour of sitting I started it up and it had seized up again. I took the drum off, expecting to see something broken, but the brakes looked ok, though maybe 2/3rds worn…I wiggle the brakes left and right a tiny bit (I didn’t know what else to do), the put the drum back on. And it’s fixed!

But I’m sure the problem will return? What is the most likely problem? From searching around a bit, Master Cylinder seems to be ruled out since it’s only one side? My next move might be Greasing the caliper pins.

I read that maybe replacing the rubber hoses might help? Is there any way to check the integrity of the hoses or whatever before I do that? I don’t want to replace hoses unless they really need to be replaced.

Couldnt find a way to edit post but I wanted to add that the tire for sure dragged because I could see tire marks.

If everything in the drum was in order the rubber hose does seem the likely problem.

If you are talking about the rubber hose that connects to the caliper, why not just bleed it and see what, if anything, comes out?

OK guys thanks I will try the hose.

The hoses are 15 years old. If you plan on keeping the car for a while, it’s reasonable to replace them at this point, given that there’s a decent chance that they’re collapsing internally.

Your post is a little confusing as you mention “drum” then later “caliper” which is a disc brake part. But I think the problem is indeed most likely the rubber hose connecting from the chassis to the wheel. Those can collapse and act as a one way valve. That’s where to start.