Seized rotors or not

hi on may30 I bought a 2010 crysler seabring with 52,000 miles on it. runs great except when brakes are applied between 40 and 50 miles an hour the steering wheel shimmies but when you apply a firmer brake, it stops. I found a knot on the passenger front tire and thought maybe someone had hit a pothole, and considered having the front tires balanced but on a whim I had my brakes checked at a tire center and they told me the font 2 rotors are seized and I need to relace all 4. does this sound logical?

Never heard of ‘seized’ rotors that still turned, sounds like BS to me. You seem to have two problems: a bulge in the tire (I’d replace it), and a vibration in the brakes, maybe from warped rotor(s). I’d have a reliable mechanic take a look (not a chain). Click on ‘mechanics files’ above if you don’t have a mechanic you trust.

if you have a knot on your tire your brakes will vibrate. I thought I had a warped rotor. I discovered a busted band on my tire, it was on the inside part of the tread and hard to see, after replacing the tire the vibration when braking went away

No, rotors can’t “seize” … Calipers can seize but that’s very unlikely on a 2010 model car…Rotors can warp, causing causing the steering wheel to shake…

There can be other causes for the problem you describe…Foreign material contaminating the brakes, a bad wheel bearing…Tire stores are generally not the best place for brake repairs…

Calipers not rotors. When they stick they often push from one side only and that can cause vibration and rotor damage. Get a second opinion on both issues…

thank you wesw. I will do just that.

I agree with @wesw - definitely get the tire replaced first, see if that solves your problem.

That tire is dangerous and needs to be replaced ASAP anyway. See how it feels after that’s done.
It sounds to me like the tire store was blowing smoke. It makes me wonder how many people get cheated every day by that tire store. Probably lots.

…and actually the rotor would be seized by the caliper if the caliper was stuck closed

A stuck caliper won’t seize the rotor when there’s a 200hp engine making it turn.

@seabird, the next time you drive the car, when you park, walk around and feel all 4 wheel hubs. They should be cool or a little warm. A hot one means a seized caliper or one not sliding on its pins.

tell that to my old caliper on my first 75 ford with a 390 galaxy motor in it. I forced it home about 1/4 mile and my rotor was a dull red and my tire was beginning to melt

i thought, by one definition, seize meant to grasp firmly

When I see those words…’‘siezed rotors’’ I think of shell rotors not comming loose from the hub, ie; rusted on to the hub.
But by the job description I wonder if the mechanic said ‘‘glazed’’ rotors…as in , they’d gotten way too hot.

Good point Ken!!!

It could have been a terminology mistake here. But I would agree with Wes, to get that tire replaced. I just had one yesterday that vibrated a little at 55mph, but get over 63 it shook so bad I think I lost a couple of fillings. Torqued around on all the front end and couldn’t find a thing. Then the owner leaned on a front tire and it rotated a bit. All was clear when I saw the bulge on the tread.