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Seeking recommendations for late 70s / early 80s sporty car

If you don’t want to go that far back in time a crossfire could be an option, if you do want to go that far back in time an avanti has been on my thought list.

Ahem! I had a '76 TR6 in the early 80’s that was as reliable any car of that era. Other than tune ups and oil changes, it never cost me any repairs and unless the mechanic (me) did something stupid while tuning up or adjusting valves, never left me stranded. It was my daily driver for a 50 mile round-trip commute and I drove it from Florida to Kentucky and back - twice.

Now having reached my 3rd mid-life crisis, I have bought another '76 TR6. Picked it up in South Carolina and immediately drove it back home to Florida without second thought or incident. It had couple of spots of rust, worn clutch (original equipment) and sagging springs, but at my age, who can complain about sagging? It’s nice to be able to have a toy I can tinker with at leisure without the pressure of wondering if I’m going to make to work on time the next morning.