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Why does the auto industry produce cars that can go up to 110 mph or more? Since there are no roads within the US that allows 80 mph or more, what is the sense? It seems it would save a lot of headaches being pulled over speeding if the cars were not allowed to go 80 mph or more, not to mention the lives that would be saved.

Thank you

The speed at which a car might travel has nothing to do with its “seedometer.” Many cars come with built-in governors, which limit their top speed to something below their actual ability.

Even if a car were limited to 80 mph (simple with modern electronics) what would stop someone from driving it at 80 mph through a 25 mph zone, or speeding through a crowed school crossing?

It’s not the speed of which a car is capable, it’s the speed at which it’s driven, that matters, and that is controlled by the DRIVER. We need smarter drivers, not dumber cars.

I Have Not Gathered Any Statistics …

… But I’ll bet the majority of accidents, injuries, and deaths in cars are in cars traveling far less than 110, or even 80 mph. Using your logic we could find out the maximum speed that stands out as dangerous and limit cars to that speed, like maybe 47 mph. Or why not pass a law limiting unneccesary travel. Just going for a ride or coming home from college just for a visit, or going for a loaf of bread (you should plan ahead) could be made illegal, for instance. That would cut traffic and accidents, too.

Big Brother is watching.

I think it’s marketing and history. People are used to seeing speedometers with a maximum over 100 MPH and those who like speed want to see 140+ MPH; the higher the better.

CSA, I agree with you. Since freeways are statisically safer, you’re more likely to be endangered by the idiot doing 65 in a 25 than the idiot doing 105 in a 65.

Also, there are valid emergency situations calling for excess speed. Once, I was driving home from Atlantic City at 4AM when a semi I was closing on (at 70 in a 65, I was gaining by about 5) drifted into the left lane halfway, then recovered in 20 secs. I wanted to be ahead of him when he lost it, but wanted to minimize my time directly abeam him. Down to 4th, WOT, and I was probably doing (briefly) 110 as I got ahead of him.

Also, all the cars doing almost the same speed = lotsa time spent in each other’s respective blind spots.

I would agree that speed alone does not cause accidents and go far as to say that some drivers may be safer at speed than others traveling more slowly. But, imprudent speed for conditions does cause accidents and speed when one does occur, kills.
It’s the improper evaluation of conditions and over estimation of ones skill at speed that make driving fast onerous.

Thank you all for answering. But I guess my basic question, why do cars made for driving in the US have speedometers at 100 plus mph? I agree 100% that it is the “driver” that causes the accidents if not driving at proper speeds or are negligent in some other way.

Because a speedometer that goes up to only 75mph doesn’t go high enough for my commute!!

Maybe that wasn’t really your basic question…

Legal or not, people are going to speed, and there is very little even the manufactuers can do about it. There is no way to mandate restricting all the cars already out on the road, and trying modify the 300 million cars already on the road would be ridiculously expensive. Making all new cars restricted to say 75 mph would probably end up causing more accidents as they would be unable to keep up with traffic in many places, which is still chugging along at 80, causing the dreaded speed differential which causes so much trouble for distracted and unattentive drivers.

Not only that, but what do you think the driving enthusiasts of the country would say to their congressmen/women if such a bill ever came up. “Bring it on, Please!!” I don’t think so.

The only things that will improve the situation are proper driver training (see Finland), limits which match road designs, and somehow encouraging driver courtesy.

And what about those of us who take our cars to the track? The big brotherism you are suggesting would not fly in this country. There are many roads in this country than can be safely transversed at speeds of over 85 MPH (conditions allowing of course).

I think we should try what the people of Denmark have done, have girls in bikinis holding up the speed limit signs, so more people will notice the speed limit.

Let’s hope that the girls are restricted to freeways and not undivided highways…
I can see lots of "rear end " collisions.

Nobody would buy a car with an 80mph speedometer. 140 mph speedometers sell cars. It’s called “Ego Oil”. Cars play a MUCH larger role in our lives than just providing transportation…They are the tin god of our culture…