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Secondary Air Relief Solenoid Circuit Malfunction


I have a 2010 Ford Escape. The engine light came on about 10 days ago. I ordered a OBD which arrived the day that the engine light went out (two days ago…) Anyway, the OBD showed a P1490, which, according to google means Secondary Air Relief Solenoid Circuit Malfunction. Unfortunately, google has not helped me find how to address the problem. Can anyone here?

Thank you in advance.

A circuit malfunction code means that something is wrong with the circuit to the sensor. The trouble could be with the sensor itself but there could very well be a problem with the wiring between the ECU and the sensor in question so the connection wiring should be checked out before replacing the sensor. The wire connections should have good continuity between the two ends and no bridge connections to power or ground should be present.

Great! I’ll look into it. Thank you!

Are you able to tell which system this solenoid belongs to? EGR, Evap, A/T? That looks to be a Ford specific code, you may need to consult a dealer shop to get some more information on what the purpose of that solenoid is. Then someone here might be able to offer up something more specific.