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Seat Belt retractor

I have a 1996 Geo Prizm. The front driver’s side seat belt is stuck or locked in position where I can’t pull it out. I need a seat belt retractor and seat belt to replace this, but am having extreme trouble finding it. There is a universal model but no one can answer the question of whether it will work with my car. Doe s anyone know if this universal brand will work and if not, any suggestions about where to find one or what else to do?

have you try junk yard.

The 1996 Geo Prism is a re-badged Toyota Corolla or the same model year. Look for a seat belt and retractor for the Corolla and also check with local Toyota dealers.

I would open it up and check whether there is anything stuck in the mechanism. A friend of mine had similar problem with a Ford and was told he needed a new one for $300, but there was just a half peanut stuck in the retractor. Removed the peanut and all was well.