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Seat Belt Locked-up

2001 Taurus, left front door, seat belt tension mechanism doesn’t work.

What is best way to remove door frame trim to get to the mechanism?

What will I be faced with when I remove the trim?

The best way to remove the trim is carefully, following instructions in a service manual, such as Haynes. If you don’t have a manual, start at the sill plate and work out from there.

A manual would answer your second question better than I could.

Omaha Jim, did you ever try it? How did you resolve the seat belt problem? I am having a similar problem with 1996 Toyota Corolla and would like to know my options. Thanks.

Seat belt tensioners that dont retract need to be replaced.My GM dealer was very good at getting people new retractors even when very old. As for the trim panel look for screws,maybe sill plate removal and most likely some “christmas tree” style panel retainers. Just start tugging on the panel and get a look at why it wont come off,maybe the body rubber seal has to come away. Tensioner is probably held in by one big bolt with a big internal TORX head bolt (probably#55 or so) you wont be able to pull the belt out unless the tensioner is oriented straight up and down.