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We need a new car, one that gets terrific gas mileage, has front, side and side curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes and that is back friendly, ie, doesn’t give my wife a muscle spasm a few seconds after she sits down. Typically this means sitting with her legs dangling down, not lying down with them stretched out in front of her. Mini-vans and pickups work well for this, but get lousy gas mileage. HELP!

There is another post from someone who wants the best small car. Most of us recommend the Honda Fit or Toyota Corolla. Others include the Mazda 3, all good on gas and with good seats. Try them out and you will be pleasantly surprised how good small cars can be.

Traditionally, Honda seats are very low, meaning lots of leg and back spasms for many people. The Honda Fit may be different from other Hondas, but as with all cars, seat comfort is specific to the individual, so you and your wife really need to visit lots of showrooms and take an extended test drive in each promising candidate.

You didn’t mention a price range so I’m going to suggest a BMW 1 series for fun. I still haven’t found a car in that price range that offers seats that are so good to so many backs as the ones in BMW cars. I have lower back trouble and no matter what car I sit in I’m dying after two hours-except when I’m in a BMW. The seats come off as stiff and unyielding, but it’s exactly what a back needs and make sense after your seated for a bit. The only other seats I’ve found to be good, though not as good as BMW are the seats in Volkswagens-particularly the leather seats. Everything else seems mushy or unsupportive to me in the under 30K price range. Just my opinion of course.