Sean's Toyota

Dear Brothers,

You advised Sean to remove the O2 sensors from the exhaust (and plug the holes I hope). Depending on age and engine it may have 4 of them, And I gree, Pb will “kill” them, eventually if not immediately.

That aside. will this not put the ECU into a “get me home” mode, which may allow it to run but badly and/or guzzle gas, etc. as well as keeping the MIL light on.

Another side effect may be the EGR may or may not function, if the ECU controling it has a tizzy fit about being deprived of it’s O2 sensors. This in turn may cause it to run hot, which in turn may cause the valves to burn out… after it has hardened the valve stem seals and it starts consuming oil by the Qt.

All in all, I’m not sure simply removing the O2 sensors for 2 years is a good thing.

it might be better to try source some form of “dummy sensor” electronic box that enables the system to run open loop, but fools the ECU to believe it is running closed loop. or are there any “lead Hardened” O2 sensors… maybe the military use them?

Another potential option might be to replace the ECU with one suited to the local market Toyotas or an aftermarket ECU.

Or you might find 99% of Toyota trucks in that region run on Diesel anyway… do an engine swap.


or maybe ask these guys;