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Sealing washer

where do you find a metal/rubber sealing washer? 5/8" ID X .9" OD approx. GM has 10 packs for $60. Just sealing my coolant crossover. Not any dim is critical.

It’s too bad for something like that a person couldn’t find a website or by telephone order that would sell just exactly what you want, a few at a time, via credit card, no processing charge other than the price of return postage. No fancy packaging required, something like that could be mailed back in an ordinary letter envelope.

There you go, you can start a part-time business. I wonder how many one has to sell to make a living.

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That’s the business model of a hardware store.

Hmm, my kid left a spray can of rubber coating. For wheels? Maybe just get a metal washer and spray both sides with rubber crap?

Tongue in cheek Right? Right?

Both McMaster Carr and Grainger come to mind. So does Amazon.

5/8 Stat-O-Seal… trade name but 5/8 sealing washer works on a search, too.

was at grainger yesterday. zip.

And maybe someone knows, but I would like to buy a backup load of the red plastic straws for spray cans, there is not a universal replacement, I try swapping them, they may be too big or just shoot off the nozzle when you try to use them, oh well put on the safety glasses and spray away. I do not seem to be able to keep a hold on them, sure I replace them into the tape on the side, or you bump something wrong and they fly into the twilight zone.
Lost a pair of prescription sunglasses talking about the twilight zone, looking at an upper shelf at Lowes, the sunglasses perched on my hat fell off towards the back, my reflexes are good, I tried to catch them, missed, heard them falling to the floor I thought, totally gone. Had some 1/2" pvc pipe Iwas buying at the time, swept under the racks nothing, now was probably on the video as acting suspiciously, looking through every rack nearby, never found them, went back the next day, not in the lost and found, will probably go back and look through the racks again, hopefully without incident or Police intervention. :eyeglasses:

Car related edit?
I digress again, luckily I had an extra pair of prescription sunglasses in my car?

A search turned up a link for a banjo bolt used on a Harley. I called local dealer and parts guy is pretty sure they have 5/8" washers for $1.

Good idea to link it w/a banjo bolt. I’ve seen that type of washers on banjo bolt fittings many times now I think about it.

I’d like to be able to buy small quantities of small specialty fasteners by mail with no or very small handling fees and just what the return postage costs, as long as what I buy could mailed back in a letter sized envelope. For example if I need 4 washers for shim purposes, of a precise thickness. The problem may be that metal objects like that cannot be mailed in letter sized envelopes, even though you’d think they’d cause no problem for the post office if positioned between two pieces of card stock.

I’ve surfed over to McMaster Carr and Grainger looking for stuff, but never purchased anything b/c the postage and handling fees were too expensive. I’ve always been able to make do without or find what I’m looking for locally. But if I could purchase small coin size items like that for not much more than a local hardware store would sell it for, I’d be buying stuff like that all the time. I used to do electronics hobby stuff and that’s a hobby where you have to be lots of small parts unavailable in small quantities except by mail order. I don’t recall the postage and handling fees to be nearly as aggressive for electronic hobby items for some reason.

I’d be surprised if anyone could make a living doing that. Decades ago, I knew a guy that his dream was to own a hardware store. He lasted about three years, hanging on until the bitter end but had to sell the business at a substantial loss. He couldn’t make any money selling two washers or 5 wire nuts to the frugal crowd :wink:

Many of my purchases come in small envelopes, delivered by the post office. That is not the problem. The problem is paying wages to someone to pick two washers, print labels and your invoice, stuff them and send it off. The parts are a fraction of the overall cost…

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the harley washer is metal coated rubber. there is no inner rubbber portion that will stretch. my washer is a bit different. it has a rubber inner portion. but, the bolt is 5/8" and the harley washer is 12mm.

GM used sealing washers like that for air conditioning lines in the 1980’s, I don’t know if they will work with coolant.

GM sells them for $6 each, as long as you buy $60 worth? lol… well, they’re in the business to make money I guess. Can’t blame them for following their business objective. OP, whenever I have a car fastener related problem like that first thing I do is drive to my local inde auto parts store and ask the experts there for advice. Have you tried that? Usually they’ll come up with something, either that they have on hand, or will order for me.