Scrap or Keep?

Yeah it was a long and winding road from 1903. The gov was a great great grandson of the founder. His dad engineered the split to target but I think the family only owned 40% at that time with the Hudson corp. mark took the non business road and it showed as gov. Just to be fair though I haven’t really liked any of them since Rudy except maybe Jesse who shook them all up and kept skip Humphrey out. Quie was the absolute worst and I’m finding things out about Carlson that are not good. Back in 1948 Humphrey and freeman did a purge of the party but the dead don’t stay dead. The old boys and girls club lives. Welcome to Minnesota.

When I was a teen daytons was the place for clothes, concerts, tickets, etc. and they were firming up the next generation. Then it all went away. Mark just took his inheritance and taught school and fought with his dad over Honeywell. So don’t let the door hit you.

It’s understandable that you’re worried about the emissions related codes, but it seems like you’ve tried everything to fix the issue. Since the car still runs well and gets good gas mileage, it might be best to keep driving it until it’s no longer feasible. You’re right that creating new cars is energy intensive, so it’s good to keep using what you have if it’s still in good condition. As long as you continue to maintain the car and monitor the oil leakage, you’re not talking yourself into anything dumb.

@capricornfencing … are you a human being, or an AI Bot? Your sentences seem to be unusually worded. And what is the meaning of your handle “Capri - Fencing”? I don’t know of any relationship of the Isle of Capri to the fencing trade. We all saw the AI segment on 60 minutes last night, well most of us, but I turned it off right away when the so-called expert started in with his hypothecations … lol…

Like I said in my tirade, among other mergers, they had merged with Hudson so it was the Dayton Hudson corp. At the time of target I think Dayton family ownership was down around 40% but a Dayton still on the board. I believe that was the govs dad. After that there were no more Dayton involvement except I’m sure the family still held stock.

It’s like a very enhanced version of madlibs that can turn existing sentences in to new ones with excellent noun / verb / adverb / adjective substitutions, without sounding totally crazy. It still clearly lacks understanding of what it is talking about. It’s like someone who hears a huge amount of talk on the subject of car repair but has never seen a car before. The responses are overly wordy but vague. Superficially it seems great, but technically the answer is completely wrong or has no relevance to the current issue.

I’m amazed that such a thing is possible.

Ah ha ha. And it wouldn’t be able to say anything if it wasn’t already on a computer somewhere. So now there are programs for teachers to try and detect if students actually write their documents or just have a computer spit it out. The point of writing a paper is to be able to research a topic, analyze it, etc. so Johnny doesn’t have to learn to read, just push a button. Today class, we are going to the library, and you will research a topic and write a paper on it. And turn it in before you leave. You can get your phone back when you turn your paper in.

It’s time for us boomers to put things right again before we die.

Years ago I got a letter from a gov’t agency. The wording was so bizarre I couldn’t understand what it meant, why they sent it, or what they were attempting to accomplish. But they insisted I respond. Respond to a nonsensical letter??? OMG!!! Not having any idea what they wanted me to say in my response, I just rearranged the order of the sentences in the letter they had sent to me, and mailed it right back to them. Apparently that was all they wanted, no further requests from that agency … lol …

You mean like take away calculators and make kids find a square root the old fashioned way? Include manual transmission in drivers ed?

Not exactly. True story. A Midwest journalist was announcing the 50 year anniversary of d day. She said it was from world war eleven. Not two. Someone failed her.

Your story may be off a little. I’ve linked a recap of what appears to be the original story in April 2019. The Enola Gay navigator supposedly spoke at an elementary school a week before the article appeared but he actually died 5 years beforehand. I can’t find a fact check in Snopes.

That link brings me to something that claims that US History is no longer a required subject in US schools. I would like to know which states have dropped that requirement from their curriculum, because it is definitely a required subject in every state with which I am familiar.

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The part above the solid line is a reprint. Below that line looks like a response from the American Patriot Email Reports pointing out that the original opinion piece was first shown in April 2019, 5 years after the subject died. I don’t have access to the NYT obituary to see the remainder. Other obits I found online mention north of the referenced incident.

So you are OK with the car polluting a different state than the one you live in? We all breathe same air. Are you concerned about the environment or not?

If you really were concerned about the environment you’d scrap the car, actually fix it correctly instead of just throwing parts at the car hoping the check engine light will go away, or give it to someone who will fix it properly.

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Getting into a political discussion.

I didn’t start it and I’m not going to let posts like the one I responded to stand alone. Consider telling whoever starts the diversion about it rather than me.

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Why would we want to move backward instead of continuing on the road of technological progress?

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This was from a speech given by Stanton Evens. He’s dead now but a few videos available.

The reference is about at 6:30 but he is great to listen to. If you read any of his books you would know how well he documents everything.

No, I’m not okay with polluting. That clarification was for the person who said basically “hey don’t give it away because it won’t pass emissions.” That ain’t an issue in a lot of rural America still, no emissions tests. And the thing about the oil was for the other person who said, “if it’s got problems, the person you give it to is just going to run it into the ground quickly.” It certainly doesn’t seem to have much of any problems, just needs a little top off once in a while. If a 24 year old computer is spitting out system too lean codes, I’m wondering if that’s enough to justify scrapping it for the environments sake. You are obviously in the camp that yes, it needs to be fixed or scrapped. But others have said, no, that’s probably not much more pollution than the average older vehicle and it’s overall better environmentally to use every high mpg car to its limits before taking it to the salvage yard and/or landfill. I still can’t decide, and I’m no weekend warrior; I won’t be diving in to swap out parts, nor do I know anyone else who would like to try. I wish there was a way to truly measure the car’s emission in comparison to a similar vehicles its same age that weren’t spitting out those codes. But lets be real, “emissions tests” are just code readers, at least down in my state. Nothing is getting hooked to tail pipe where I am (GA).

There is a way to measure the pollution. Put her up on a dyno with a tailpipe sensor. It will measure hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide. It can be done even in Georgia. The equjpment is available for pre 95 vehicles so it can be used on your car.

Compare to published allowed amounts which a proper running car would be within. So are you environmentally responsible or just when it is convienient?

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This reminds me of a funny story when my elementary school switched from “old math” to “new math”. I had as much trouble with the old math as anyone else, memorizing multiplication tables, long division & square root paperwork, whew, no fun! But the “new math” was so easy I could barely understand why they even bothered to teach it. The teacher would spend an entire week’s worth of math-hours explaining something that could be explained in 10 minutes, max. Very puzzling to me. Sort of like spending an entire year to learn how to tie your shoe-laces. My theory at the time was new math was some sort of teacher’s union thing, and best not to ask too many questions… lol