Scorched Ceramic Brake Pads

Hi. I was just on Rockauto to order pads and rotors for my 08 Chrysler Pacifica. Most of the choices included “scorched ceramic pads”. Is this something new? For a moment, I thought it might have been a commentary on my wife’s cooking (or driving, for that matter).

Found on the googles:

“Thermal Scorching Provides Fast And Easy Brake In”

“Thermal Scorching process gets rid of extra resins and gases from manufacturing, improving your stopping power, break-in time, and durability”

“These brake pads are thermal scorched in an oven, simulating a professional high-speed break-in. Pre-curing the pads ensures they’re ready to perform right out of the box”

My wife buys prescorched toast…saves time.

Never have convinced her that turning up the toaster only changes the time…not the temperature of the coils.

Never heard of scorched ceramic pads for sale though.


Scorched brake pads are put under high heat and pressure to burnish the surface of the pads. This cooks the resin that bonds the friction material of the pad at the surface. So instead of having to break in the brakes pads by applying brakes several times to get a transfer of friction material from the pad to the rotor, you just install the brake pads and go.


@Tester saves another one and I learn something new.

I’ll have to put you on the christmass cookie list. Fear not…I do the cookies…you’re safe.


No cookies for me?? I was first.

Thank you all!!! I appreciate it.

Yeah! To circuitsmith.

I’ve never heard of this. Sounds like a marketing gimmick to me.

I’m curious.

If I’m a random customer who knows nothing about brakes and I get a brake job on my car, what difference will I feel if the shop installs scorched ceramic brake pads vs OEM ceramic brake pads?

Probably none if it’s a decent shop. I would think they would bed them in during the test drive…this saves them that extra labor/time.

"No cookies for me?? I was first"

Sorry @circuitsmith; I guess I didn’t scroll up far enough.

I’ll just cross @Tester off the list. Besides his wife said that he’s “fat and sassy” enough.


I think “scorched ceramic brake pads” is going to join our lexicon much like “nitrogen in your tires.”

That’s what I’m wondering about too.

Is it solving a problem that John Q Public or the local mechanic were seeking a solution for?

Well, breaking in pads to drive off gasses is a real thing. I can’t imagine it adds much to the cost.

I would not think very highly of a mechanic who does not do a road test to bed in the brakes, and verify the repair