Scion Xb - High Mileage - Seeking opinions/experience



Even though you aren’t buying the Civic: if it has been maintained by the dealer exclusively, the timing belt replacements should be on the CarFax. If not, you could contact the dealer and see if they have records dating back at east 7 years to find it if the owner doesn’t have all the records. You can use this information in the future when you do find a car to buy.


@Stegy_Frany This might be a good time to practice for the future . Pretend you have found a vehicle new or used that would fall in the range of payments you think you could afford . Start putting that amount in savings each month and you will soon know if that is feasible. Also after time you might even have enough saved to purchase a little better vehicle than you thought.


Sounds like it’s been abused. I have 2008 xB and it has 248000 miles. I change oil and filter often. Missing some body trim but, when I turn the key, she GOES!