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Considering a 2006 Scion xB

what were the most serious problems.
could any mechanic work on the Scion?

Most mechanics in the US and Canada can work on the Scion. Before you buy any car, especially one this old, take it to your local independent mechanic and have them do a pre purchase inspection. The care and maintenance over the past 12 years will have a huge impact on the future life of the car.

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To each his own, but I’d prefer the 2nd gen version, a lot more to it in case of an accident.

To reinforce what @SteveCBT said, a 12 year old car is only worth buying if it has been maintained properly. Consumer Reports says the 2006 Scion xB is definitely worth considering, and the car in general gets their Good Bet rating.

Edit: CR says the original exhaust is below average, paint and body hardware are average, and everything else is above average.

At 12 years old past problems were probably taken care of and now it will have new problems like any other 12 year old used vehicle.

And yes any good mechanic can work on it , it is not Ferrari.

I have 2006 xB and 2008 xB. Honestly, ‘06 never been in for any repair. I do brakes, oil and at just shy of 250k miles, I had my first tail light go out! Amazing cars. I go everywhere at 80 mph and if I’m going uphill, I drop it out of overdrive and do that 80 mph…don’t wanna stay on the porch with the little dogs or get the finger.