2006 Scion xB - Good choice?

Mother-InLaw has the opportunity to buy an 06 Scion Xb for $3500. Are there any issues she should be aware of.

17 years old , discontinued brand so of course there will be issues . Even my crystal ball can’t say what they will be . Have it inspected by a shop and let them tell her what it might need .


Should be ok, but insist on pre-purchase inspection. Suggest to consult Consumer Reports Used Car guide for known issues. I’m seeing windshield, trunk/liftgate, cruise control, so ask inspector to double-check those. Most any car (not just Scion) from that era, pretty good chance of encountering a problem or two from among the water pump, A/T, ignition key (esp if fob), anti-theft system, airbags, entertainment system, steering/suspension, A/C, & ABS. Apparently this car had a manual transmission option, which would make the car golden if car is so-configured, and driver is able & willing to operate a clutch.

Very important, as part of pre-purchase inspection: Make sure CEL on dashboard turns on w/key in “on” but engine not started, and then turns off immediately after starting engine. Also check for current and pending diagnostic codes from among the drivetrain module, transmission module, ABS module, and (if applicable) body module. Idle for 10-15 minutes in driveway to make sure engine fans turn on and off a couple of times, and cooling system is not overheating. Once engine is fully warm, should be very little to no smoke from tailpipe at idle. Check engine oil and transmission fluid levels and condition of course.

If everything seems ok but you hear a squealing noise at idle, could be just a faulty accessory belt, so don’t walk away just b/c of that symptom, until your pre-purchase inspector has a chance to determine the cause.

$3500 is a pretty good price, so expect some compromising; the vehicle is unlikely to be perfect.

They are geared for city driving. Poor sound insulation and 3000 rpm at 60mph? Noisy. Only 20-28yr old slackers should buy one. Is your MIL a skateboarder?

I’m not a fan of the first gen xB because of its crash tests. The second gen (2007+) was much more substantial. They’ve both Toyotas under the skin, so maintenance and repairs shouldn’t be much worse than other Toyotas of that age. I do like the practicality and headroom they have, probably why they were so popular with older folks.