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Scion IQ Lease


I live on the Big Island of Hawaii. A week ago I signed a lease for a Scion IQ. I love the car and the lease was seemed like a good deal. The problem is the finance person at the dealership called and said he needs me to sign a new lease. He told me the main problem with the lease I signed is the payment due date and that they had miscalculated the total cost of the car. He said it was actually in my favor. When I received the new lease, the cost of the car had been lowered, but a refundable deposit of $163 that was on the first lease was not there and the rent charge had changed from $145 to $1,383. Do I have to sign this new lease? It’s not as good a deal and I don’t want to sign it. If I don’t sign it, will I still be able to keep the car? I have a copy of the lease I signed a week ago and I’ve been charged for the down payment.

Please help. I’m being pressured to sign the new lease. This is a small island and this is the only dealership I can lease this car from.

I don’t see why you have to sign a new lease legally. I can’t really advise you without reading both leases. I think you need to see a lawyer, or a CPA.

Sounds like a common scam that I read about a few months ago. Don’t sign anything until you talk to a lawyer and Toyota corporate offices.

Agree with others…This is a scam. I’d get out of the deal and go to another dealer.

As for leases…I’ve yet to see a lease that is worth it. I’ve never leased a vehicle and never will.

Agree with the others, lawyer up before you do anything else

You might talk to offices of the Hawaii Attorney General. They may review the issue for free.

Ditto to what everypone else has said.
Something isn’t right here. I smell a rat. Contact the AG’s office and, if need be, a lawyer ASAP.

Sincere best.