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Lied To From Salesman

Hope someone in here can help. My mother agreed to co-sign for a car for my daughter and she is 70 years old and has no income but has excellent credit.She lives in California while we live in another state. The salesman took the paperwork to my mom after hours at her house and had her sign them as cosigner and unfortunately she didn’t have her reading glasses at the time. the vehicle was purchased over 2 weeks ago and still no paperwork and my daughter is nowhere on the paperwork that we have. they made my mom sole purchaser and she is highly upset now she didn’t provide insurance papers and has no income to pay for a car and because my daughter is in another state we can’t insure the vehicle or register it. We called toyota Finance and they have no record of the vehicle yet either 2 weeks later. I spoke to the fraud department and explained the same thing to them and they told me take the vehicle back to the dealership and tell them to make it right. Well my mom wants nothing to do with the dealership now as she was lied to. I took the vehicle back and there was no manager there as it was late and said I would have to come back tomorrow and I told them I will not be coming back tomorrow here is the key and here is my moms information. Well 2 days later the car is parked in front of my house on the street backwards with the keys locked in it. My daughter doesn’t live here and I have a new car here that can’t be driven or insured or registered. they obviously lied to the financing company about my moms income as she has none so how could they approve her for a loan. Could someone please let me know what to do with this. Thank you so much

It looks to me like you need legal advice, and you should never trust legal advice to strangers on the internet, especially strangers on a car advice website.

Attorney’s fees might seem expensive right now, but they’ll likely save you money in the long term.


Whitey is absolutely correct. Nothing you get from an anonymous web site forum is going to mean anything at all.

Thank you both so much really appreciate it

Call your local district attorney.

You need to work with the dealer first, talk to the manager, if they value their reputation they will work with you.

I’m hoping that is the case, and that this isn’t one of those “buy here pay here” dealerships.

I would suggest contacting your state attorney general consumer protection office. There are also senior advocate groups who have access to pro bono (volunteer no charge) attorneys helping seniors who have been scammed. It sounds like the dealer has tried to scam your Mother and Toyota finance although I don’t know how. Contacting Toyota America customer support and filing a complaint would certainly not hurt. Just out of curiosity. How does your Mother survive with zero income? The lesson here is never, never, I repeat, never loan money you cannot afford to lose or co-sign for anyone. Especially friends and relatives.

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contact you local tv station.

What does your daughter have to say about this? Did she order this car? If your daughter had nothing to do with this deal, then see the district attorney. This is elder abuse and California has laws to protect seniors from this.

Manager is probably the one who told them to bring the car back to my house. Of course that is just an assumption on my part as I have left a message with the store manager and nothing in return except for the returned car. And can’t get the GM it says leave a message but the phone hangs up on you

It’s not that my mom doesn’t have income coming in she gets her pension check but it goes to pay her bills and meds.She just doesn’t have income coming in to justify buying a vehicle

No Whitey it isn’t this is the largest dealership in the state

She didn’t have her glasses in her own house? I agree, this is elder abuse. Get a Lawyer and tell this dealer to take a hike.

You have a very serious legal problem. You need to contact an attorney immediately.

You should also write to the state attorney general’s office, Office of Consumer Protection, in the state where the transaction occurred. Get hold of all the documents and forward copies along with a detailed formal complaint. This is NOT in lieu of contacting and attorney, but in addition to.

Sincere best.

The OP has been absent for 13 days so until then not much help can be given.