Saturn Transmission Rebuild

My 2001 Saturn SL needs a new transmission. I have received a quote for $2,074.00 to rebuild the transmission and to replace the cooling fan motor. My concern is paying $1,800.00 for a rebuilt transmission but only receiving a 12 month 12,0000 mile warranty that the repair shop is offering. Is this a decent quote?

You could either try shopping around or ask about other options. If the warranty is your main concern, you could ask for a remanufactured transmission from either Jasper of Tri-Star. This option may be slightly more expensive, but the warranty will be much better. Tri-Star has a 3 year unlimited miles warranty and Jasper has a 3 year 100k mile warranty. If the vehicle is still driveable, you may want to get a second opinion to make sure it is not something simple. I suggest an independent transmission specialty shop, not a chain shop like AAMCO, Mr. Transmission, etc. If your transmission is really done for, and you go with a reman unit, you are not limited on your options for where to have the job done. Any decent shop with decent technicians can handle changing out a transmission in a Saturn.

Also consider that if it is not done properly it likely will show up as a problem before the 12 months or 12,000 miles. A proper warranty (as opposed to insurance) is to take care of problems due to an initial problem, not as an insurance policy that allows you to reduce your risk of normal failures.

Even if it were to fail at 24 months it would seem to be a good decision to have it done from an economic point of view.

Thank’s Mark,
That was good advice. I have obtained a list of independent garages in my area from the Jasper website that can install transmissions. I will also have them give me a second opinion.

Thank’s Joseph,

I never looked at it that way but you make a good point.

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