Saturn SW1 starting problem - wet only

I have a 1999 Saturn SW1 with 85K on it and has been a good machine for many years. Lately and ONLY when it has rained or is raining the car refuses to start or runs just awful if it does and stalls frequently. I did the easy stuff… changed the wires and plugs… what’s next to look at. When it’s dry, you would never know it had a problem. Does not offer up any error codes!

Do you have a distributor cap/rotor? If so did that get changed out? When they crack you get poor running problems in the wet.

There is no cap/rotor on this vehicle… only an ignition coil. It was replaced 1 year ago… I would like to think that this is not the problem, but I will replace it again if anyone out there can convince me that this is a place to start.

thanks, Tom