Saturn SL2 Starting problem

1999 with 109,800 miles. Had tuneup with replacement of ignition module. Mechanic replaced latter thrice with the last an OEM unit. Put in new battery but still hesitates when starting cold. Must crank for 20 -30 sec. Mechanic frustrated - out of ideas!

Any suggestions?


How about a compression test? Does it turn over at a normal speed when you try to start it? Has anyone checked the fuel pump yet? How about a possible air leak in the fuel line?

Thanks Joe:

I’ll check with the mechanic. For some reason it started up great this morning. Temp was ~ 26 degrees with frost on ground. Clear and crisp! It does turn over at normal speed when I try to start it. I wonder if it could be the humidity or vapor lock type thing. I wonder if dry gas would help?

Thanks for your input. There may be hope yet.