Saturn Sky / Overheating / Electrical Issue?

Okay guys, I’ve done everything imaginable to stop my adorable Saturn Sky from overheating. I’ve replaced the water pump (it needed it), I’ve replaced the entire fan assembly (ultimately not sure it needed that), had top end cleaned, then rebuilt.

The fan is not coming on when the engine gets hot. BUT, if I pull over and pull out then push back in the fuse for the fan - VOILE! the darn fan kicks in. It may work again for a few days, or it may stop again 5 miles down the road. But I can always get it running again with my little fuse “reboot.” When I go to pull the fuse, if the engine is hot, I hear a clicking like a relay trying to open and close. But, there’s not a fan relay on my model.

I’m almost at the point of just installing a toggle switch to manually turn on the cooling fan. Any ideas at all???

There’s no radiator fan relay? That’s surprising, the fan draws quite a bit of current. Given that, I suspect the temperature sensitive switch which controls the radiator fan operation is probably screwed into the coolant jacket somewhere . It probably has the contacts burned and is not reliable. Try replacing that.

Fan controller.

When things start to work after a power reset it usually indicates there is solid state control being effected by the reset. Replacing item 9 as shown in the drawing that @knfenimore provided will most likely clear the issue.

Ah, the fan controller must sub for the fan relay in this car. Thanks for posting @knfenimore more & @cougar .