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Saturn/power loss

Normally runs very has 170000 miles.

Started noticing headlights dimming when putting in clutch befor coming to a stop.Became concerned and had altn’r and battery checked.Battery good & altn’r about 12.8v.After further investigation I found that if I put clutch in and brake at the same time (when coming to a stop)the RPM’s may drop to zero and the engine will stall unless I release the clutch.

If I just put in clutch the RPM’s drop to 400-500 and recover to 900-1000 and braking doesn’t have an effect at,atleast in daytime.I am afraid to drive at night until the problem can be fixed.

Honestly, I almost gave up on this post. How about full and clear sentences? It is very hard to follow what your saying.

But my best decoding efforts tell me that the dimming headlights/battery/alternator is a red herring. It sounds to me like the bogging/stalling/near stalling is giving the symptom of temporary loss of full power to the alternator. So deal with that and forget about the power problem.

To deal with that - well, I don’t know. How old are your spark plugs & wires? Fuel & air filters? Check your fuel pressure. Though I suspect that your problem may be in your idle air control valve. I’d bring all maintenance up to date & clean the IAC - sounds like it may be a little sluggish.

Sorry about my sentence sructure!
Removed IAC cleaned and replaced.
Inspected plugs,wires and filters.
After driving the past few days, I’m happy to tell you the problem is fixed and the car runs like new again.

Thank you !