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So, I bought a used 2005 Saturn Ion-3. All it has done is give me issues!

The check engine light is currently going off every 3 or 4 days and the key will get stuck in the ignition whenever it wants to. But these things are managable for me.

My major issue is that I have a LOUD CLUNKING noise that is underneath my front end. It used to only happen when I went to make a sharp turn or a sudden movement, but now it makes it ALL THE TIME!!! It drives me CRAZY!!! So I took it to my usual mechanic and he drove it around for a weekend and inspected it. He said nothing appeared to be wrong with it. He said nothing was bent or broken and that he can’t find what is causing the noise. So he decided to replace the sway bars thinking that was the only thing it could be. But that wasn’t it because it is worse now than ever!!! Please help me!!!


You local (not a chain) alignment shop is the place to go.

This kind of noise could point to a defective halfshaft, strut mount, motor or transmission mount, or the worst case scenario; a faulty ball joint. The latter can be fatal (to the occupants) if one of these were to snap.

I would consider having this inspected by someone else as a sway bar is one of those items in which there should be no guesswork as to whether it’s bad or not.


You have no idea how many people I have asked about this and received little to no help. One of my family members even said “don’t worry about it and just don’t drive over speed bumps. Your car just isn’t made for that type of stuff.” UGHHH!!!New mechanic here I come! :smiley:

Thanks a bunch! Just made arrangements to go to one this week! :smiley: