Saturn Idle at 1000-2000

During today’s show 8-22 a lady called in with her Saturn SE idling at 1-2K at various times. this is exactically what my SL2 is doing. It doesn’t happen all the time but does do it both hot and cold

I didn’t listen to the show, so I don’t know what Tom and Ray recommended. What did they say?

Idle speed is controlled by the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve. Have you had a mechanic check your car?

I wasn’t able to hear what they said as I was traveling through a remote area. I haven’t had anyone check it but wher eis the idle air controll located?

I have no idea where the IAC valve is located on your Saturn. A service manual would tell you where this component is located, and how to diagnose and repair it, assuming it’s the cause of your problem, which it may not be.

Has the “check engine” light come on?

the check engine light never comes on. I will check with my mechanic though…maybe he can pull a code…thank you though for responding…wish I had stopped to listen to their response.

I just found the pod cast of today’s show…sounds like they recommended a coolant temp sensor or vacuum leak…ideas? thoughts?