Saturn Aura Radio buttons intermittently work

Anyone else have problems with their radio buttons sometimes working, sometimes not? I’m wondering if I need to “pop off” the buttons and clean contacts or if I’m going to have to replace the radio. This is in a 2008 Saturn Aura, but I’m sure this radio is in other GM cars.

Thanks for any help you can give.

My son and his wife own one of these, and were having the same problems. Eventually, they quite working altogether. I tried contact cleaner but it didn’t do any good, and they ended up buying a new radio on sale from Best Buy and having that installed. No problems since.

I would just buy a new aftermarket radio. Radios have been UTR (Uneconomical to Repair) for many, many years so when they fail…just throw them away.

Hmmm. I was afraid of that.