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Sasha in the woods - Learning to drive a stick Honda Accord

Drive barefoot to learn on a Honda. She will be able to feel the clutch easier so she will know right when it grabs the gear/wheels. This is officially illegal in some states, but it will be easier to learn the timing of the clutch without burning it up.

I really don’t think being barefoot will make any difference in getting the feel of the clutch. I learned with the “let the clutch out slowly in 1’st gear with the engine idling” method.

I’m not sure I like the idea. Toes are too easy to stub and accidents happen too quickly.

But I like the theory behind it. Perhaps a nice thin-soled pair of deck shoes would work.

Sounds like someone just likes driving barefoot!

I had my beloved topsiders get stuck between the accelerator and the brake pedals. It was quite unnerving to be moving into another vehicle with my foot caught. Anyway, I was not suggesting that she continue to drive barefoot. Rather to simply use that method in the middle of an empty parking lot,etc… to get used to pivotting her foot at her ankle instead of moving her whole leg to and from the clutch. That use of the bare ball of ones foot helped me to avoid prolonged clutch use.

It helped me with parallel parking in tight spaces.

Not really. I do not consider it to be safe in a collision. I like having something protecting my feet.