Sarks are flying!

My Pontiac G6 is electrifying me! I get shocked when exiting the vehicle in all weather conditions! Is there a cure; if not is there a switch so I can adjust the setting?

You could ditch the polyester pants…

Seriously, it’s static electricity. There are “spark dischargers” sold at the parts stores that hang down and allegedly create a path to earth ground for the chassis. Perhaps one of these would help.

Another suggestion might be seat covers.

I suspected the cloth seats but I have not had sparks in other vehicles with cloth seats. I do not have power seats so here is no electricty to my backside. I thought that stactic electricity built up from friction…?

Tom and Ray answered a post on this a while back.

There are some useful suggestions in it.

Ed B.

It’s them plastic shoes! Grab a set of leather slip ons! Easy on the back and easier to get off when you’ve hung up your sweater.

We used to joke about best set-up to prevent ESD damage to IC’s (I worked for Siemens) and the best thing was to work naked, of course this suggestion was always made when any number of the opposite gender was present,strictly a technical suggestion :slight_smile:

The tyres you have (low rolling resistance high mileage tyres in general) can make a big difference as can the seats. You can try using a chain or grounding strap that hangs down from the car to the ground or some anti-static spray on the seat covers.

I hate those SARKS. Rocketman

Found some Sark remover at Pep Boys. :slight_smile: