Sand/Salt Bags in the back of my truck


That whole issue of securing the load without complicated measures was the driving force behind my chooing to use concrete patio blocks rather then aggregate or sand. It turned out to be easier to unload for the summer too. I simply remove the wooden top (I must have had 20 screws in that bugger) lift the blocks out one by one, stack them next to the garage, and remove the frame for next winter’s use. It worked out great.

Well, there’s a lot of complicated info on this post, but sand bags in the back of a pickup does help a lot. I built a 2x4 frane to keep the bags in place and covered it with plywood so I had a level floor. The pickup had a shell on it so the wood did not get wet. The weight of the shell helped too.

I have a 1981 Mazda Sundowner truck that has front wheel drive.
I need to figure out WHERE to put those ‘dern’ sand bags…

Geez… I don’t know if this forum is the best place to ‘joke-around’ W/ ‘untrue info.’…
especially for us “green-horn-mechanically-challenged-people”… that come here, out of ignorant desperation" for some insight , & hopefully, good advice.I can appreciate a good sense of humor… but, under the right circumstances. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks.THIS is good advice.I got rid of my $450.oo /mo. pmt. Chevy Cobalt when I lost my job.I currently have a 1981 Mazda Sundowner front wheel drive truck(no car pmt.'s WOOT-WOOT)
Anyway… I must get sand bags…not sure where I purchase them ?