Salvage Title

I found an old toyota avalon (2001) with a salvage title. The body shop showed me all the detailed pics of the accident, and all the damage was in the back of the car (bumper and truck). The accident was not major. I just need a commuter car. My question is, there are cars out there without salvage titles that may have been in similar accidents, but while they were quite newer, and the insurance company did not salvage it out, so they have a clean title. Given the logic, should I get this car?

It’s not possible to say from your description. How much do they want for it? Was there any rear suspension damage? Does the car track straight down the road? I think that I’d defitinitely want another maechanic to look at it and tell me if the repairs made it road-worthy again.

Also, What model (XL, XLS) and what options are on it?

Provided that the repair guys discount the price to reflect Salvage Title and major body work, there’s no reason not to buy it if you think they did the repairs properly. Assuming that you are planning to drive the car into the ground anyway, the Salvage title won’t matter. The junk yard doesn’t care what sort of title you have – just that you have one.

Reselling it will be a problem, so if you don’t plan to keep it “forever”, it might be best to pass on it.

Looking at and autotrader, there are several 2001 Avalons with under 100k miles for $5,500 - $7,000. Considering the salvage title, I’d say it’s worth $4,000 tops.


I agree with twotone. If you just want a commuting car it will be fine providing it is properly discounted and has no mechanical issues it’s just fine to buy this car. Your resale value will be compromised with the salvage title but if you save on the cost of purchase then it will all be relative. Run it till it dies and you will win in the end.

If the rear doors don’t close and open easily, don’t buy the car. Usually, if you find out about body work, you don’t buy the car. Imagine the fun when you want to sell or trade it. You won’t be able to trade it.