Salt specs on car engine



I just bought a 2009 Toyota Corolla and there are salt specs around the engine. Should I need to have this cleaned or is this just a cosmetic issue and won’t do any damage to the car?


It wouldn’t hurt to spray engine compartment, not necessarily the motor itself. If the the car was exposed to salt air or splash from underneath road brine, a light careful rinse should dilute the area.The motor isn’t a worry,if you cover intake and spray away from it, but long term exposure to salt in the surrounding body panels is. I spray motor oil in all seams yearly for a little CYA where we live in the rust belt.


As far as I know, this is the only country in the world that dumps MILLIONS OF TONS of sodium chloride all over their highways and bridges every winter…Even the Canadians somehow manage to avoid doing this…We refuse to acknowledge winter and instead prefer to dissolve our $30,000 cars and multi-million dollar bridges…


In Ontario salt is a common problem. Have a complete cleaning to prevent corrosion. If you check out cars some are worse than others. The difference is how close people tailgate. Two identical vehicles same mileage and driving area will have different amounts of corrosion


Brine solution saves money, windshields (sand/rock salt) and reactivates quickly during successive storms. I hate it. But we’re convinced it works best now for the least money, regardless of the bogus claims that it does not enhance rust which I keep reading in the paper from our local DOT propaganda…